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To many people, sport is something that plays out on a television screen, primarily for their entertainment. However, there is an underlying world that cannot be entered simply by watching live matches. I’m Simon Goodyear, a sports writer who has penned and published a number of sports books and autobiographies. My books give readers an insight into the life of a sportsman, covering the highs and lows of being involved in top-level sport.

From Mine to Milan: The Gerry Hitchens Story

Foreword by Jimmy Greaves

There have been more skilful players than Gerry Hitchens, but he was an uncomplicated footballer with obvious natural talent and virtues. However, Gerry had a bit extra to offer – the instinct to sniff out half-chances and to score goals in abundance. This book follows the life of a young miner who was plucked from the mineshaft to find himself playing football in the Italian league a few years later. It is surely something that dreams are made of, but this is exactly what happened to one such talented, working-class lad from a small mining village in Shropshire in the late 1950s.

With contributions from some legendary footballers, such as Jimmy Greaves, Sir Bobby Charlton, and Peter McParland, this biography illustrates the path taken by a lad who rose from rags to riches and saw many twists and turns during his short but eventful life. These values continued to make him well-liked and admired after his football career ended. He continued to play in charity games, and it was a great sadness when he died prematurely in 1983 playing the game he loved in one of those matches.

The Real Bobby Dazzler: The Bobby Thomson Story

Foreword by Mike Summerbee

This is a story of a typical Scottish lad who, from an early age, excelled in every sport and was born a winner. Thomson gives an untold, behind-the-scenes insight into his public and private life that touches every raw emotion you can think of. In this compelling book, he talks about his hard upbringing in Scotland, the many fights he had with some of his managers and teammates, several near-death experiences, the famous 'sex and booze' scandal which was revealed in a Sunday newspaper in 1967, and also touches on his own battle with the booze. It also paints Bobby in another light, as he has, for many years, raised thousands of pounds for several charities and is always the first to help out others. This is the real Bobby Thomson – The Real Bobby Dazzler – in his own words. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a rollercoaster of a ride.

Making it Happen: The Harry Moseley Story

Forewords by John Terry and Ben Shepherd

This is a true account of how a ‘normal’ little boy with big dreams and a selfless, compassionate outlook on life proves that, with hard work, determination, and a bit of cheek, anyone can achieve any goal they set themselves in life. Even though Harry was diagnosed with brain cancer aged seven, that didn’t stop him from wanting to help others, and he used the simple idea of making beaded bracelets to raise money for charity. When Harry sadly passed away in October 2011, he had raised a staggering £650,000 for his chosen charities. Now, his legacy lives on thanks to his mum Georgina and his army of followers organising events in Harry’s memory. Read Harry’s story and help to carry on what he started by buying the book!