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Hi, my name is Simon Goodyear and I’m a sports writer; welcome to my new website. I have recently published the Brian Little autobiography: A Little is Enough, following on from the successful, Peter Withe autobiography: All for the Love of the Game (November 2017). My new project is to pen the career of former England, Aston Villa, Wolves and Watford winger, Tony Daley. I hope you like the website and if you purchase my books - enjoy reading.

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Whether you are travelling on holiday and need a gripping book to read by the pool, or you simply want to delve into the life of a top-level sportsman, choose one of my football autobiographies. Written following in-depth research and interviews with friends and family, each autobiography delivers an accurate and engrossing account of the subject’s life and career. My books can be purchased on Amazon, and are sure to have you gripped from cover to cover.

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The lives of many top-level sportsmen are filled with breathtaking highs and excruciating lows that sometimes do not make it to a public forum. With my football books, you get an insight into the rollercoaster careers of many recognisable names. I’m Simon Goodyear, a sports writer who has penned a number of football autobiographies. Since 2008, I have written a variety of books, all of which have been met with glowing reviews. To discover more about my work, just give me a call or drop me an email.

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